082 477 3376 [email protected]


All set – ready to go …….

We own and operate all of our equipment and machinery – never allowing hire firms or subcontractors compromise the job

The deck scraper is a favorite amongst our well trained technicians.

Our giant 20 inch shot blasters makes quick and
efficient work – giving a perfect surface for
excellent adhesion

Small and awkward areas are dealt with in quick order by our single and twin headed
diamond grinders

All of our systems
have a very specific method of
Our crews are well trained and
retrained as well as supervised and
mentored throughout each job – remember one
slip can mean days of grinding off the mess!

Problems, delays and disasters
There are few obstacles that prevent us doing the
job – the spec on this was for a bonded system –
when the old defective brick sand and membrane
lining was removed we found the deck was a
disaster with movement cracks and 120 column
punches! …………………..
Our technical director designed a bonded
double thick “pad” to cover each column
punch and re-designed a PU crack bridge
allowing for any further movement.

This is what was hiding under the bricks

An inexpensive job brightened up this gloomy
parking garage

Attention to detail and aesthetics are important in public places.

Busy live site? We will work at night

One lane open – one lane closed.

We are committed to working with the building
owners and managers to cause as little disturbance
to the tenants and customers during the project


Always plenty of critical supervision and mentoring
on every project – there is no better place to train
our personnel that on a live job site – nothing goes

A pleasure to look over a completed project ……

……. Renewed and solid knowing it will be
waterproof for a decade or two

Leaking office
balconies ……

roofs ……

Leaking service

……. Or really scary

Our Health & Safety
Officer always
inspects every project
to assesses the risks so
that he can implement
our H&S policy for the
site and check up on
our Site Safety
Supervisors are
maintaining safe
working practices daily
making sure we are
always SAFE

Contacting Afrores & Trinidad
Due To Technical Difficulties With Our Office Landline, We are unable to take calls on our regular contact number.
Please Text or Whatsapp Us on one of the following numbers:
+27 82 477 3376
+27 79 354 2544
+264 81 737 3827