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SX Plant Trench Repair

Case Study

SX Plant Repair – Case Study

By In Case Studies On July 04, 2014


To offer a pragmatic solution for the short term repair of
the trench in the Solvent Extraction Plant at Uranium One –
where the previous lining had de-bonded and failed. The
budget was limited and the timelines were critical as the whole
plant was shutdown
The trench had been constructed in brick and screed. Once the
lining had been breached, screed and brick pointing had
dissolved, leaving a badly corroded and contaminated
Re-building the trench was not an option for the client due to
cost and time factor as well as the fact that the plant was unable
to produce product for market without the SX plant.
Relining the trench with a bonded system that would be able to
withstand organics, acid and heated liquors was impossible due
to the unstable nature of the substrate
A&T’s solution was to insert fire retardant fibre-glass sleeves
which were made off-site at the A&T factory.


1. the trench was cleaned of damaged lining, debris, rubble
and mud, slurry and contaminants and the walls and floor
ground with hand grinders
2. The worst of the damaged substrate was repaired with
epoxy mortar
3. The prefabricated sleeves were placed into the trench and
overlapped by 100mm and sealed.
4. The sleeves were trimmed to match the descending height
of the trench walls as the falls ran to the sump
5. Fibre-glass angled edges where installed along the top
edge of the walls were the old “angle iron” had been
6. Broom handles were cut to length to support the sleeves
7. The whole sleeved trench was fibre-glassed with fire
retardant resin
8. The stainless steel trap was replaced by a pre-fabricated
fibre-glass trap

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